About 1-Page

1-Page’s mission is simple. Connect people with opportunity, on both sides of the equation.

We’re building for tomorrow’s workforce, who are mobile, chase opportunity over a life-long career, and work to impact change in all they do.

We partner with the world’s greatest companies to help them grow, and empower individuals from all walks of life to succeed.

Our Products

The intelligent talent sourcing platform. More conversations, less searching.

Create concise, actionable proposals to get hired, grow your business, or propose an idea.

The 1-Page Story

From the companies we partner with, to the 1-Page team, we see opportunities in every challenge, choosing to progress to “yes”.

Our co-founder, Joanna Riley, has pushed past “no” all her life. Told in school she had no athletic ability, she went on to be a national record holder, and represent the USA in international rowing competitions.

In 2011, together with her father, Patrick G. Riley, she founded 1-Page, based on the success of his best-selling book, The One-Page Proposal – a guide to writing powerful and persuasive one-page proposals. 1-Page was launched with the vision to leverage technology to tackle the largest demographic with the biggest communication problem: companies and job seekers.

Hiring is changing. Employers today seek candidates who are not only qualified, but are creative problem solvers with a plan to transform companies before they’ve even started.

1-Page builds products that puts the humanity back into hiring. From reaching the best talent faster and smarter, to empowering individuals to pitch their ideas in the most potent form possible.

No matter the challenge. No matter the barriers. Progress to yes with 1-Page.