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The most successful communities and enterprises today are built on a simple premise - empower people to connect and share their ideas in the most fluid way possible.

1-Page creates products for the world’s greatest companies to help them grow, and individuals from all walks of life to share their ideas and succeed.

1-Page Talent On-Demand

Get Introduced to Interview-Ready Candidates Within 48 Hours

With clients like Hershey’s, Under Armour and other Fortune 1000 enterprises, Talent On-Demand is a new solution from 1-Page that puts you in the driver's seat of the most sophisticated candidate matching algorithm ever created and allows Talent Acquisition teams to focus on the most important part of their job: connecting and closing the best candidates.

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1-Page Propose

Achieve your dreams faster with the newest, and most sophisticated re-birth of the 1-Page Proposal.

Based on the original 1-Page Proposal book written by Patrick Riley, Proposal Writer combines the algorithms of an effective proposal with the power of today’s web technology. Create and send a proposal to anyone using this guided web experience.

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The One Page Proposal

Learn to write an effective proposal to find a job, close a deal, or see your vision come to life.

The book that started it all. Discovered by chance on our founder’s coffee table by an executive at HarperCollins, the One Page Proposal has become an international sensation and Business Best-Seller in 12 countries.

The One Page Proposal continues to help people around the world fulfill their dreams and reach new heights.

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Global brands are using 1-Page solutions to transform how they hire and grow.

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